Joao Costa Leal, Artiste, Liège



Completing his education in Architecture in Portugal, however utilizing almost all of his time in an art studio, João Costa Leal decided to relocate to Belgium in order to persue his studies in art. Two years later, gained a BAC and specialised M1 degree, the artist decided to travel in Europe for the to development of a fictional-documentary journal, experimenting with all kinds of social contexts, from the isolated mountains life to urban short films  writing and directing, from secondary school fine arts teaching in Portugal to underground artistc and musical life in Belgium, searching for meaning and truth in his no trace artistic productions. Returning to Belgium some years later, in order to develop his knowledge and experience in Art, João joined the M2 à finalité Aprofondie. A recent Master option organised by the ESAVL and the ULG, connecting Art and Science. His final research work linked the Renaissance Wunderkammers with the curatorial practice of Harald Szeemann. 


CE - INNER SPACE, Vol.6 - Musée Grand Curtius, Liège,  2020

CE - INNER SPACE, Vol.5 - Musée de l'Éphémère, Herstal,  2019

CE - La cité, Collectif Spray Can Arts, 2019

CE - INNER SPACE, Vol.3 - Liège 2018

Duo - Ni ceci, ni cela, Galerie des beaux-Arts, BIP 2018

CE - Secondroom, Dok, Ghent, 2016 

        Workshop_Écume/Scum aux Brasseurs, 2016, Liège, Be

CE - Listen Workshop, ST. LUCA Ghent, Bruges Concertbow 2015, Be

CE - La parole libérée, Accords urbains, Hangar, 2015, Liège, Be

CE - Stage_European Forum Exchange, Namedy Castel, Tréve, DE, 2009

CE - Les reencontres de molsheim, 2008, Molsheim, France 

CE - Courant d'air, portes ouvertes, ESAVL, Liège, Belgique, 2008

CE - Certamen Miniquadros, Hall of the Museo del Calsado, Elda, Centre Cultural in Petrer, Sala de Exposiciones Municipal in the village of Sax, Exhibition Hall à Cardenal Herrera CEU San Pablo University, Elche, 2008, Spain

CE - Quand l’encre parle, Zennith, 2008, Liege BE

CE - 3 artists, Guimaraes YH, 2006, Pt

IE - Poetry and breath, Oscar, Guimarães, 2004, Pt 


Prix Orlait Dapsens 2016